ICS-Connect Certification

The ICS-Connect Certification Program

will prepare the ICS-Connect facilitator to bring to their company or clients: the knowledge, training, and materials to make a significant difference in how the organization communicates.  Participants will learn to facilitate a four-hour debriefing session and how to use the ICS-Connect program and tools.

At the end of the 12-hour intense immersion program into the principles of ICS-Connect, even the novice facilitator will be able teach others how to significantly improve their ability to connect with others when communicating.

On-line Certification:

We schedule the certification classes with (6) two-hour sessions and a maximum of five participants.  The on-line certification is perfect for those who are unable to travel to our offices due to time or cost constraints.  The two-hour session process allows the participant to more easily schedule the sessions and gives them the opportunity to practice the principles and increase actual learning.  At the beginning of each session there is a question and answer session before continuing that session

Once the participant has successfully met the requirements of certification they will have the right to use the ICS-Connect program, and all ICS-Connect logos.  In addition they will have complete access to the ICS-Connect Administration System giving them complete control over all facets of using our program.

After the certification training they will be required to complete a one-on-one debrief of fifteen (15) to twenty (20) profiles with one of our staff to insure they have a complete understanding of the ICS-Connect™ principles.

Our Certification program includes the following:

  • ICS-Connect Certification training
  • ICS-Connect Leadership & sales styles training
  • ICS-Connect Learning Styles training
  • Understanding the ICS-Connect debriefing process
  • Understanding how to use the Administrator system
  • Understanding the ICS-Connect SCOT Analysis system


Participants will receive:

  • A copyable copy of the ICS-Connect  Facilitator’s Workbook
  • A copyable copy of the ICS-Connect  Participant’s Workbook
  • Copy of all ICS-CONNECT Power Point presentations and training aids
  • 10 free ICS-CONNECT Report Creation Units (RCU’s) (will produce ten ICS-Connect Reports)

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