Pre-Assessment Information

Welcome to the ICS Program Pre-Assessment Information Area.

You are about to embark on undertaking the assessment phase of the        ICS-Connect Program. At this point you may be doubting what it is and why you have been asked to take the assessment. Perhaps you may be assuming it is like other assessments previously completed having questions and being unsure of why this is being asked to be completed.

ICS-Connect helps us to understand our preference as to how we see the world around us and our preference as to how we interact in that world. We are then able to understand the same in others and appreciate how they view and interact in their world.

The ICS-Connect Program does NOT profile you to put you into a box of personality type. The ICS-Connect Program is not about negative and positive results, nor is it about looking to stereotype a person in a negative way, quite the opposite.

The ICS-Connect Program gives you an insight into yourself and what are your strengths and challenges. It looks at each individual and what they bring to an environment when with others.

Questions and Answers

Here in the questions and answer section, we endeavor to answer and relate to many of the questions and doubt you may have in taking the assessment and understanding your results.

Is this a test where I will be graded?
This is not a test. There are no right and wrong answers.

Will I be asked personal questions?
No, we are not interested in your favorite drink or food.

Will it take a long time?
No, this should take you around 20 minutes at the very most.

Are the results difficult to understand?
No. The results are given in an easy to understand and read format and further is color coordinated and easy on the eyes for identification of meanings and information.

Will I be stereotyped and put into a box?
No. Each one of us are individuals and the results reflect and show that.

Will my result be shown to anyone else?
We do not share your report with anyone. Once you understand the value of the report, we are sure you will want to share with co-works, leaders, and family

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