People ask, ‘is this just another personality test?’

The answer is NO.

ICS-Connect helps us to understand our preference as to how we see the world around us and our preference as to how we interact in that world.

ICS-Connect Stands Out

Our program aims to connect people to themselves and to the working world around them.  Successful people have the ability to express themselves differently depending on the situation. ICS-Connect helps to identify the catalyst for that expression.


ICS-Connect is designed to be easily understood.

Well Rounded

The ICS-Connect program is designed to look at the whole person.

theory based

ICS-Connect uses only Carl Jung’s teachings and theory.

Non Typing

ICS-Connect uses a scale and spectrum for tolerance rather than typing.

Take a Look at the Four Energies

ICS-Connect is built on the foundation and understanding of the Four Energies. Read more about these innate energies theorized by Dr. Carl Jung by clicking on the button below.

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