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Influence is the single most powerful attribute anyone can possess.  It can change politics, foster dreams, guide a child, or create a nation.

It can give hope, share a vision, build a company, and create success.

Influence is the magic of connecting.  And when you connect, you can become the outstanding manager who is highly respected by your co-workers who will seek you out for your opinion.

When dining out with a prospective client impress them with your social graces of conversation.

Be the hit of the party by connecting with everyone in the room, while attracting that person you really want to meet.

Become the hero in the eyes of those you love, because you know how they think and feel.

When you influence it's because you have connected.  Connecting is knowing those with whom you wish to relate.

To make a connection:
  • The listener must desire to continue to listen
  • The listener must retain the information
  • The listener must trust you
When someone disconnects from a conversation one or all of these elements will cease to exist, even though the conversation continues.

People are different in fundamental ways.  They have different cultures, goals and needs.  They think, imagine, perceive, and comprehend differently.  Hence, the uniqueness of you and everyone around you.  Awareness of how these differences affect the communication process will change your life and dramatically improve your relationship with your spouse, children, friends and co-workers.

Your ability to understand and relate to others is paramount to all relationships, whether personal or professional.

Would you like to reduce the following statements to the level that they will no longer adversely affect your business, performance, productivity or profit?

"I don't remember you saying anything about that"

"I guess I didn't know exactly what you meant"

"I hated to get started because I wasn't sure I had enough information"

"Okay, well, you try to work with that person"

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