MAY 5,2006
ASSOCIATES:We are thrilled to announce the addition of the Leadership and Sales modules to the Assessment Profiles.

You now have the ability to supply even more targetted preference information to your clients!

You may now add the Leadership Preference report and the Sales Preference report to any person's assessment report.

Check out the Projects menu in the Administrator.

MARCH 28,2006
We are pleased to announce the release of our on-line class registrations.  It is now posible for you to review our class offerings for accreditation classes simply by clicking on 'Accreditations' in the menu and selecting Class Registration.

You will be directed to our class calendar where all of our upcoming classes are listed.

FEBRUARY 12,2006
ASSOCIATES: In response to your comments that the assessment report was not printing out as well as you would like, we have made changes to the report.  Go check it out!

The Interest & Preference chart is now more detailed and in 3-D.  We have also added a pie chart version for a different look at the results.

We hope you like it!

The About Us page and the Accredited Associates page of this site have been updated also.

Our Support and Help system has been launched!  ASSOCIATES: Log in to the administration system and select any of the options under Support to be transferred to the Support & Help section.

While there, register as a new user!  Some of the sections of the system are only available to registered users.

Please use this section for Support requests and to discuss issues among yourselves.

We are pleased to announce that we have just completed a major revision to our Internet tools!  Not only is this website sporting a completely new look and greatly increased content, but our ICS-CONNECT tools have been majorly revised also!
  • Team Assessment is now available!
  • Virtual Projects are now available with complete reporting!
  • We can now accept credit card payments on-line for all services!
ASSOCIATES: Be sure and log in to your accounts and edit your personal information.  This has been augmented and we want to be sure your records are up to date!

Also, be watching for new support and assistance programs coming soon!