The independent or external associate will be able to bring to their clients the knowledge to significantly change how the organization communicates.  This knowledge can result in a significant reduction in, and in some cases elimination of conflict and anger, increase in productivity, improvement of information retention, reducing turn-over, and creating an environment of trust.

Independent associates are provided with monthly marketing units to demonstrate how the assessment works and provide sample assessment reports to assist in marketing their business.

The ICS-CONNECT program is a stand alone communications program; however, it can be complementary to your current training programs.

ICS-CONNECT can be used to identify leadership styles, sales styles, conflict management styles, how people make decisions, how teams perceive team communication, and their work environment preferences.

Adding ICS-CONNECT to your current array of offerings will allow you to increase your profitability, effectiveness of your programs and increase client satisfaction!

Unlike more traditional psycho-metric programs, ICS-CONNECT is vastly more affordable and provides the required information in an easy to apply form.  Our clients are raving about how large an impact it has had in their businesses!!