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After spending many years teaching management and leadership skills, I discovered an interesting trend.  Regardless from whom the leaders received their training, when they returned to the work place, they had a significant impact on about twenty-five percent of the employees.  They also found that a second similar-sized group they had various degrees of impact.  A third and much larger group had little or no impact.

The group of employees with whom the manager had a significant impact, stayed connected during their interaction.  This allowed the leader to bring the employees' level of trust to a point where the employees were willing to be influenced.  The group in whom the leaders had little or no impact, either never connected or quickly disconnected during their interaction, this resulted in the employees not willing to let themselves be influenced.

ICS-CONNECT was developed in 1990 as a tool to help leaders, managers, and employees learn to keep someone connected long enough to raise the level of trust to a point where the other person is willing to be influenced.

In a world where there are many proven and successful assessment tools ICS-CONNECT stands alone in approaching this problem from the root skills of highly successful leaders and managers "The Power of Influence".

Until a leader can influence others there is little or no impact on those they wish to lead.

ICS-CONNECT is designed with many value-added features for those who are entrusted with the responsibility of creating successful results.

Some of the unique value-added features that set ICS-CONNECT apart from other assessment tools:
  • The assessment resides entirely on the internet with no software or downloads on computers
  • The evaluator takes approximately fifteen minutes to complete
  • Reports are condensed for easy reading and application
  • Reports are generated immediately upon completion of the evaluator
  • Lost or forgotten reports can be immediately accessed by logging back into the ICS-CONNECT web site
  • The Administration Reporting system is internet based for project administrators
  • Administrators have complete control of reporting 24 hours per day, seven days per week
  • All reports are dynamic, reports will automatically update when an employee is added or deleted from the project
  • Reports can be generated on individual projects or teams
  • Reports can be created on a virtual team bases before making actual team assignments
  • Employees can be migrated from one project or team to another project or team.
  • ICS-CONNECT IT support back-up is available
  • Accreditation is available for both internal and external consultants
  • ICS-CONNECT is very affordable for small companies of less than ten employees, and large corporations who want all employees to benefit from the assessment reports
Since the development of ICS-CONNECT, the assessment has been given to thousands of leaders and managers from school superintendents and CEO's to entry level supervisors.  We can proudly say we have never heard the following statement, "I have read my report and I don't agree with the results"